Jesse McClure

Product Engineer - Software Developer



I strive to transform innovative ideas into market products. I have led cross-functional teams in efforts to create, design and manufacture a broad range of products including medical instruments, IoT devices, BLE enabled toys & games, and personalized wellness technologies.

Jesse graduated from Tulane University summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 and received his Master’s Degree in 2005 with an emphasis in high energy laser material interaction. He holds patents for a laser based wound closure device and for a sleep inducing biofeedback system.

Sleep Shepherd Blue

Built & deployed Django-based backend API to process raw data from the Sleep Shepherd Blue wearable device. The web platform manages raw data uploads from thousands of users while scheduling sleep categorization algorithms to run on each dataset. Upon completion, system sends processed data back to the user for viewing through the mobile app.

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Baby Learning Gym

Led the design and development of an innovative baby play-gym. The toy actively encourages cognitive development through the use of illuminated visual patterns. These light patterns are coupled with stereo sound in a coordinated effort to both entertain the child while also enhancing basic cognitive skills.

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Served as Project Lead to design, prototype, and deliver consumer ready units of SomniCloud sleep system in under 12 weeks. Techincal contributions included embedded firmware in C++ & data processing algorithms in Python. Sleep data is pushed to the the Python backend via BLE through a mobile app.

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Tissue Fusion

Designed, patented, and completed clinical testing of laser based medical device used to fuse biological tissue. The device delivers laser energy while measuring tissue temperature in real-time using a feeback loop to control laser power. Information is provided to the physician via a LCD display intergrated into the system. Interlock safe guards are implemented in both hardware and firmware.

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WallBuilder API

Developed and deployed Python backend application to allow for rapid drawing & design of the Emagispace modular wall system. WallBuilder allows sales & engineering to design and update plans in real-time while generating pricing & parts lists. Order info is pushed to Salesforce for tracking the conversion pipeline.

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Web Scraping & Data Visualization

Developed Django based web platform to scrape real-time data from for use in customized fantasy sports analytics & scoring. PostgreSQL is used to store datasets for remote web access and parsing. Visualizations of head-to-head scoring and other metrics are generated automatically using Python libraries.

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WallBuilder Optimizer

Built Monte Carlo simulation based model to build and optimize modular walls for Emagispace. Model is able to virtually configure walls in real-time, acting as the backend build engine for WallBuilder Webapp. Build parameters such as length, height, door & window placement are passed to the model via WallBuilder. The model then optimizes the wall to minimize certain parameters such as cost, block count, and contruction time. Finally, the model returns the optimzes wall which is immediately built in the virtual plan.

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Great Grips

Designed, modelled, and tested numerous concepts for Great Grips, a low-cost ADA compliant door knob attachment aimed at helping individuals with trouble opening doors. Worked with client to do initial produciton & QC in the U.S. As demand grew, helped client transition production overseas in order to reduce cost & stage product for mass market release.

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